Once upon a start-up

Habiteo is the first collaborative platform for new build real estate sector that simultaneously manages sales and marketing activities.

In 2014, Habiteo was born from a simple observation: selling on plan is complex, whether face to face or remote, and expensive.

Then, we developed our own technology and in 3 years we democratized 3D in real estate development and make it “the standard” in this sector by fully digitizing the customer journey.

Today 3D allows the future buyer to project himself and the seller to spotlight his program. It’s all about putting the customer in the center of the attention and allowing the team to do what it does best : sell!

In 2018, Habiteo launched myHabiteo : a collaborative platform to drive sales and marketing activities and build a bespoke customer relationship.

Our innovation? To find on one single platform the simultaneous management of marketing and 3D éléments, program information, customer relationship, internal and external users.

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Over 50 employees are part of the adventure !

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